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People.... Integrity.... Results

GreenFoot Staffing For Technology and Sustainable Industry

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Looking for a job?  Need to ramp up for a pressing project or make a strategic hire?  Looking to outsource a project at a fraction of the cost with USA managed resources?  Whatever the need we have staffing solutions to assist you.  Reach out to a GreenFoot representative today.   


(913) 354-5981

(877) 349-1649


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Greenfoot is a consummate cutting-edge professional firm. They openly and enthusiastically apply their wealth of proven experience, integrity, dedication and visionary thinking to both large and small client companies, their focus is to always ensure 100% success for all initiatives.

Training & Development Manager - 

GreenFoot has provided the State Government staff resources for high-level IT projects. It is truly a pleasure to work with a firm who is honest, true to their word, and produces results. I highly recommend GreenFoot, and will not hesitate to turn to them for future needs.

Aquisition Manager - State Government

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